Why I joined this law firm. - Carl L. Christensen

When I parted ways in 2016 with a small firm I had been with for four years, I stood at a crossroads, both in my career and my life.  I knew that I wanted to be part of an environment where I would be happy to get up and go to work each and every day, alongside people with whom I’m proud work, using my talents for the benefit of clients about whom I genuinely care.  Although various opportunities had sought me out over the years, I knew that I eventually wanted to be a part of building something better—a practice where I could work with other talented litigators and collaborate with the best in the business on cases of great importance.  When Angela asked me to come on board to be a part of what she was building, it was a no-brainer.

Angela and I (and whomever joins our team in the future) pride ourselves in sharing a very important characteristic: we think beyond the conventional restraints that confine ordinary litigators.  We place great value in our ability to come up with innovative and creative solutions to the problems—both great and small—faced by our clients.  We fight tirelessly for the principles in which we believe, and will stop at nothing to secure justice for our clients.  We only take cases and represent clients in whom we truly believe, clients and cases that afford us the opportunity to be on the side of justice and virtuosity—those that, at the end of the day, reward us with the satisfaction that we used our skills, talents, and passion for the benefit of those who truly deserve our representation.

In short, I joined this law firm because it is the best place for me to couple my creative problem solving abilities with my zeal for fighting the good fight on behalf of clients who deserve it.