What motivates me about being a trial attorney - 

I cut my teeth as a young trial lawyer in the United States Army JAG Corps.  My experience in the Army reinforced in me the drive to dedicate myself to something bigger, something more important than myself.  In addition to giving me significant responsibility early in my career to litigate some of the Army’s biggest cases, my time in uniform gave me the time and opportunity to develop and hone my trial advocacy skills, while at the same time preparing me to shine in the most high-pressure situations and in the most-difficult cases.  The discipline, leadership, and strength I absorbed, not only from my peers but also from the Soldiers for whom I fought, provided me with a strong core from which I continue to draw strength today.

I never cease to be honored and humbled by the opportunity to represent clients in cases both big and small:  iconic companies who quite literally built this great nation, but also the poor and the oppressed who deserve a tireless, creative litigator to give voice to the cause that matters most to them. 

I sleep well at night knowing that, in each and every case and on behalf of every client every time, I have fired every bullet that justice demanded be fired in their case.  I truly believe that, one case a time, I can be a force for justice and that I can do my part to redefine the image of lawyers that has been imprinted on my profession by the “lawyer jokes” that have regrettably become part of our cultural lexicon.